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December 3, 2012


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a small feature to say a big "thank you" to everyone who made ​​me happy birthday wishes here on DeviantArt

Ab ovo by martaraff Tronco e condito by martaraff Non inspirale by martaraff
Esamina by martaraff Curva di crescita by martaraff Penthouse by martaraff
In penta di penna by martaraff Tris by martaraff Punti fissi by martaraff

Relax sit back have some coffee by wingsofdragons Gated Sun..... by wingsofdragons Skating Rink by wingsofdragons
Memories by wingsofdragons After The Rain by wingsofdragons Floating by wingsofdragons
Glowing Beauty.... by wingsofdragons Yellow Wrap......... by wingsofdragons Flower Squish.................. by wingsofdragons

Winter berries by Nikki-vdp Twisted by Nikki-vdp Forest Fire by Nikki-vdp
Goofy by Nikki-vdp Are you the cookie dispenser? by Nikki-vdp Hmm just a fledgling by Nikki-vdp
Dashing autumn by Nikki-vdp A light in the dark by Nikki-vdp Close Encounter by Nikki-vdp

Are You Lonesome Tonight by LUCILALEYLA When The Sun Goes Down... by LUCILALEYLA Bangalore, India by LUCILALEYLA
Happy Birthday Dear Friends by LUCILALEYLA Color My World by LUCILALEYLA The Rhythm Of My Heart by LUCILALEYLA

sleep on sofa by Seadre Cloud and sun by Seadre Tigre by Seadre

Wood bloom by Annica22 Flower by Annica22 Cadmium flower by Annica22

Astronauci by MirtKlaar Undercooled by MirtKlaar Dionaea by MirtKlaar

My OC Eux TF:Prime Style by Mad-Transformers-Fan Sky-Byte TF:P Style sheet by Mad-Transformers-Fan TFP SS by Mad-Transformers-Fan

november. by awfultosee quella li' era la felicita'. by awfultosee now i can forget you. by awfultosee

Fractal Trilogy - 1. A Child is Coming by LaraBLN My Adorable Jim by LaraBLN Strange brushstrokes by LaraBLN

secrecy by liviugherman butterfly_02 by liviugherman ID 2011 by liviugherman

Turkish Tea by Canankk Virus by Canankk Friendship by Canankk

:thumb289215995: :thumb322583627: :thumb271865610:

holga by finnish-winter lorenzo by finnish-winter violet by finnish-winter

Uncertainty by surrealistic-gloom A Promise by surrealistic-gloom The Voyageur by surrealistic-gloom

Mother Duck has all answers BW by Destroyer77 Going our own directions by Destroyer77 'Nother statue by Destroyer77


Intertemporal Endurance by HMissXX Flow Fly Flee by HMissXX Dark and Light... this is Life... by HMissXX

Spring 2012 by PridesCrossing Syl by PridesCrossing Canan by PridesCrossing

Blue Red Green by Sasa-Van-Goth Old street by Sasa-Van-Goth A Dragonfly by Sasa-Van-Goth

urban girl by AnnarXy my animal eyes by AnnarXy wanted  died or life by AnnarXy

:thumb340194085: :thumb339502073: :thumb338791704:

bikers on the start by Lyutik966 Portrait with glass by Lyutik966 Sunset by Lyutik966

On A Cloudy Day by webworm Thinking About .. by webworm Stare by webworm

Lose Your Mind by Trippy4U Cross Country Track by Trippy4U JV Girls Soccer by Trippy4U

Blood Stain Child by purr3sunshinepocket Face2Face by purr3sunshinepocket Twist in my sobriety by purr3sunshinepocket

Pb290118 - the other side by Batsceba raining by Batsceba mountain view by Batsceba


Floare by Marmotica My garden by Marmotica Monumentul Eroilor by Marmotica

:thumb328594313: :thumb326277911: 20120618 03 by feigenfrucht

LIFE by MeralSarioglu new year by MeralSarioglu kar.. by MeralSarioglu

Lost In The Corridors Of The Mind by Joe-Maccer Walk With Me by Joe-Maccer A View To A Kill by Joe-Maccer

out there by chriseastmids :thumb335519533:

Playing with shadows by Princess-Suki-W A Feeling Called Nostalgia by Princess-Suki-W Candy for lil' bug by Princess-Suki-W

Dark Heart by DarkBorder The Night Is Coming 1 by DarkBorder Whisky curious by DarkBorder

Sunrise 3-16-2007 by neice1176 Sunset by neice1176 Sunset 11/2008 by neice1176

Death Valley colors VII by RH-Photoworld A little close by RH-Photoworld fire in the sun by RH-Photoworld

The Trouble With Love by BklynGirl Because by BklynGirl Harvest Moon by BklynGirl

:thumb315939267: :thumb331885127: :thumb320718861:

:thumb336907137: Tea by jactan Gift by jactan

Remember by sesam-is-open Mister Perfect by sesam-is-open Sweetness of August Roses by sesam-is-open

A Rose for Tea by JulianasGrandma Captain Jack by JulianasGrandma Sitting the nest by JulianasGrandma

Sunset Light by VeryBadGirl Roman Skyline by VeryBadGirl Simple Beauty by VeryBadGirl

:thumb339330882: :thumb339322985: :thumb339118074:

Planets to be charted by AbstractMatter Hard footsteps by AbstractMatter Complicated Cube by AbstractMatter

769 by TheDarkenedBride 763 by TheDarkenedBride 754 by TheDarkenedBride

Black Sweeat by MinetHerzog druids cane by MinetHerzog two half by MinetHerzog

Water it just is. by Bizkit66 Rainbows of rage. by Bizkit66 Twitchers Pillar remix by Bizkit66

Comme si... by amiejo Golf-Handicap by amiejo Serre ton bonheur by amiejo
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  • Listening to: Prince
  • Reading: Mario history
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: COD Black Ops 2
  • Eating: vegetables
  • Drinking: beer
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Canankk Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
Thank you for including my works among these beautiful artists. :love: :iconhrtplz:
st2wok Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
welcome! :clap:
TLRart Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the feature!!
How do you like Black Ops 2?
Took me around 8 hours to beat it.
st2wok Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
welcome! :clap:
i like the multiplayer feature, but i think the single player plot is too much fuzzy.
the zombie campaign is maybe not beautiful but crazy enough to be interesting
TLRart Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Mulitplayer is always funner than single.
Yeah, I loved the zombies. Have fun!
st2wok Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
u too! :)
surrealistic-gloom Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Awesome collection of artworks! :heart:
Thank you very much for having included my photos! :hug:
st2wok Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
welcome! :clap:
TheDarkenedBride Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you :tighthug:
st2wok Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
welcome! :clap:
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